Business Journal | Introducing the Phoenix 40 Under 40 class of 2012

Managing Editor-Phoenix Business Journal

Each year when we at the Phoenix Business Journal put together the 40 Under 40 section, it’s pretty amazing to discover what people in the community are doing.


The honorees, year in and year out, are darn near superhuman.

In honor of those everyday heroes doing super things in the community, we decided put a little comic book style into the section this year.

We will also honor this year's class at an event June 19. You can learn more and register to attend here.

Going off the superhero theme, we asked the class about their favorite crime fighters and cartoon characters growing up. As someone who’s just, ever so slightly, out of the under-40 range, I can attest that there were a host of cartoons and comic books that influenced me, and there are a lot of lessons to be drawn from that which was primarily meant to entertain.

Here’s a few I learned that are great for any business:

• There is really no business model for driving around with your friends in a van, unless you own a talking dog.

• Even Superman needs to be rescued by Batman every once in a while, even if they kind of don’t like each other.

• Even a “super genius” coyote can’t work a product right out of the box every time, so make sure there’s good instructions and customer support.

• Never go hunting in the woods with a rabbit, duck and a Fudd, especially if you’re the duck.

Ok, the last one doesn’t necessarily translate to business, but it’s good advice nonetheless.

So in two weeks, you can see who our 40 Under 40 most relate to, and some of the lessons they learned from those Saturday morning shows.

Patrick O'Grady is managing editor of the Phoenix Business Journal.

Originally post to on June 11, 2012