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Wed Dec 25, 2013 7:15 PM

The year is speeding to its conclusion. A new year is poised to begin, full of hope and promise. It’s a new beginning. Who will make a difference? History is driven by events, but also by men and women. There will be many players in 2014. The members of The Arizona Republic editorial board have chosen 14 particularly worth watching. We present seven today and seven Friday.


Reginald Bolding Jr., educator, civic engager

When he ran for the Legislature in 2012, Reginald Bolding Jr. said the best political advice he ever received was, “Don’t doubt your ability to make change in your community — one voice can change a community, one community can change a city, and one city can change a state.”

He lost that Arizona House race, but then and now he leads.

His voice and leadership are helping to change lives and communities, particularly in south Phoenix.

Bolding wears many hats. He is the director of public partnerships for Teach for America, executive director of Future Leaders of Arizona, a non-profit group that primarily connects high-school students to high-level internships, and co-founder of Wake Up Arizona, a group that promotes voter awareness of election issues.

In his spare time, he’s working on a doctoral degree in education.

In 2014, Bolding will continue his laser-like focus on raising the standard of living in underserved communities through education and civic engagement. And he’ll be candidate for elected office. Which race? He’s not saying exactly at the moment. But it will be a good race with a good candidate in it.

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